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Did you know that Warren Buffett is quoted as stating that energy deregulation is predicted to, “…lead to the greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetime.”

This kind of wealth could help you fire your boss and give you back your time! Sound good?

First, let me share a little of my story with you. I was one of the unfortunate affected by the recent recession, and although I was committed and passionate about my job, I learned the hard way that this does not guarantee employment. Whether a large corporation or a smaller company, if your paycheck and livelihood is dependent on someone else (or corporate America), it can always be taken away.  I remember falling to my knees and praying.  First and foremost, I felt blessed to have a healthy family, and whether or not we lost our home, I knew we would be ok. I had faith.  I also knew that I had to start listening to my heart.  I always had an entrepreneur inside of me, but at the time I did not know where to turn.  A couple months later, a very simple business plan was presented to me, and it was the right time. I was ready to hear about this simple way to make money, and fight for my family and my time!

As we all can agree, Warren Buffett is a financially successful businessman. Maybe he is on to something here? So, what is energy deregulation, and how is this tied to getting back your time?

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Ask yourself what bills do you have that you will never pay off (Electric, Gas, Phone, cell phone, internet, TV)?  Think about how much you spend per month on those bills?  $400, $500, or more? Now, what if you could actually earn income on these bills?

Month after month, year after year, YOU can receive residual income on these essential services.

Want to learn more? This business plan is truly set up in a very unique way, and based on services people cannot live without! And it just feels good knowing that this financial blanket will be there when it is needed, whether for college expenses, vacations, or as needed into retirement. This residual business plan is very straight forward. Save people money on their services, and stop trying to sell them products.. That is the key!

If you could make money on your own electric bill, would you tell your friends and family how to do the same thing?  We all like to share good news, good experiences, or even a good meal or movie. Let’s get together and help one another prepare for an uncertain future with this incredibly simple way to make money. Let’s take full advantage of the economic changes with energy deregulation (Warren Buffett is spot on with his prediction)!

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Ever hear the song “It could buy me a boat”? Learn 2 unique ways to earn enough that you will start singing, “It could buy me a boat. It could buy me a truck to pull it!”

You see, there is a slight problem with today’s society that virtually prohibits making enough money to buy these luxury items. And yes, even according to the song, money does not buy happiness, but it can help us achieve freedom. So, what are you passionate about and what would you do if you earned enough money to resign from your day to day job? Is it to have more time with your family, or to give back to the community, volunteer more, or to buy yourself a boat AND a truck to pull it?

Let’s quickly review income streams. Most of us earn a linear income, which means that we work this week, and get paid on Friday; we work the next week, and get paid on Friday (you see the trend). This cycle continues week after week, month after month, and consumes both our time and energy. What if a simplistic program existed where all the hard work you do today would allow you to take back your time AND provide an income stream well into the future? This type of residual income is the key to stability and financial freedom.

What is this simplistic program?

First, before we get into the program, it is important that I fill you in on some recent changes that are occurring across the US. We all know that there are government regulation changes that we cannot control nor receive any benefit. However, the time has come and changes are being made, where WE can finally take advantage (financially). Energy deregulation is occurring NOW and is slowly being rolled out across the country.

This program is simple: taking advantage of these changes in society!

Here is a summary of how this all works:

  • How to EARN?
    • Energy deregulation is now changing the face of standard utility choices and also creating competition in the marketplace.
    • Your role = PROMOTE. In many cases offering up to 35% savings on the services people use every day!
      • Example: I reduced my Mothers cell phone bill by 40%, and not only do I earn every time she pays her bill, but a donation is made to help feed hungry children across the USA. WIN WIN WIN.
      • Let me show you how to earn unlimited income here!
      • Think about it… these are bills that we will NEVER pay off! So, what does this mean for us?.. Residual income! …and “..It could buy me a boat..”!
    • Many services are now offered providing options. Including: home phone, cell phone, gas, electric, TV, internet, and home security services.
  • How to EARN back?
    • Simply, sign up and promote!
    • Earn virtually FREE Cell phone, gas, and electric (where available).
      • Amazing benefit, and for most of us the savings are in the thousands!
    • Your Role – PROMOTE!

This is ground-breaking and with incredible financial growth potential!

If you knew 20yrs ago how big Apple Inc. would be; would you have purchased stock? This is just as big – and as Warren Buffett predicts will “…lead to the greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetime.”

And then ask yourself what you would do with money like Warren Buffett? Like the song says, “It could buy me a boat. It could buy me a truck to pull it!”

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*“Buy me a boat.” By Chris Janson

Hello world!

Our lives are one big story, and although I have not actually put mine in writing, I can say it is built on faith, family and friendship. I grew up in the Midwest with blue collar roots. My story includes a lot of love and hugs, but also includes violence and alcoholism.  A combination of good times and bad has shaped and formed me into the strong person I am today.

I’ve also held on to faith. Although I was introduced to Christianity later on in life, I always felt I was never alone, and is now my cornerstone. I also learned to surround myself with good friends and family!

With the changes in government, healthcare, economy, etc., it is important that we work together to help one another succeed.  I started this blog to open the doors for anyone wishing to join me on this journey and I will do my best to help you achieve your goals!

Happy blogging!