My fear with the next generation… What are we missing? Are we giving them the right tools to fight for their dreams? Are YOU fighting for YOUR dreams?

So. last night, our community club organized a game night for young teens in the area.  This was really cool and it was definitely a fun night for them all! There were 24 game stations, and most of the games appeared (on the surface) easier than expected.

For example, one game was to simply take a water bottle (which was ¼ full of water), flip it in the air so that it would land back on its base.  Simple..  not easy.  In one minute, how many times can you get the bottle to stand upright?

What was interesting to me, were those teens that would come back to this station to try and BEAT their previous score.  On the other hand, some would just give up after @ 40 seconds…  just give up…  hummm too hard? And, I also wonder how many didn’t even try?

I sat back and watched..  What is the future path of these teens? Are they afraid to try new things, or are they goal-minded and work to beat their previous goal?

These young teens are still learning and adjusting to the elements of life!  Really, how will they cope with challenges, with difficulties, with fighting for their dreams?

This same experiment could be applied to adults. What do you do DAILY to work towards your dreams? Do you FIGHT, do you TRY, do you QUIT..?

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As we all can agree, Warren Buffett is a financially successful businessman. Maybe he is on to something here?

Are you familiar with residual income?  It was a concept I had to learn, but once I started to receive consistent checks in the mail, I am now a firm believer that the term and methods should be taught in schools from an early age! We need to be the generation and show teens how to set goals, build teams, and create strong leaders..  TODAY.

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