How to achieve your cash goals and live your passion… Cash goals made simple!

Breaking the news to the kids about going back to the UK was exciting! Now, we need to ensure that we have a solid plan! Searching my photo library and recalling all the pictures and all the memories from our time there, it is still a bit surreal. Were we really over there for 3 years? What an amazing experience!

Making sure that the kids spend time with their old friends must be on the agenda. Since the school system is year-round, we will need to travel over during one of their breaks. This will need to be either in August or in October. The issue for the time frame is the cost. When the schools have their scheduled breaks, the cost of airfare and other traveling expenses are highly inflated. We need to determine our cash goals.

We also want to incorporate FUN into the agenda, and maybe visit some sights that we missed from living there, or revisit those places we loved the most. We loved to travel to Wales. What an amazing Country, and quaint little towns that are stuck in historical days. One of our favorite places was Conwy. The town is STILL surrounded by castle walls, and it is located on the coast of the Irish Sea. You can sit and literally watch the tide come in, pick up the boats that are sitting in the sand, and then watch it leave again! All while having a pint from the Liverpool Arms.

As way of life, or maybe it was cost driven, but driving and exploring the countryside of the UK was not a popular thing to do (when you are local). Whenever we took off over the weekends to explore, I would tell my co-workers that following Monday. Most of them looked at me like I was crazy, saying, “ drove where? and you drove there AND back in one day? Oh yea, she is American”.

This will be a costly trip for all of us, but with this flow of extra income, our cash goals are achievable. This combined with the motivation to continue to push forward, I am confident that we can do this over and over again! With residual income and the new compensation plan recently released with additional bonuses, I am truly thankful.

Residual income was never taught in schools, and I continue to wonder why this concept is not more widely known! It is hard work, but well worth the payoff!

If you are looking to achieve your cash goals, and follow your passion, then let me show you how!.

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