Can Facebook memories ignite your passion for extra income? How Facebook feeds my extra income passion!

Facebook has this cool feature that remembers and stores the photos that you’ve posted over the years, and every now and then a memory will pop up, and takes you back. How ingenious! I had one of these memory photos pop up the other day and it was from 2009. Wow, I remember like it was yesterday (yes, sounding OLD). The kids were all dressed up in their new uniforms on their first day of primary school in a completely foreign country. That year was a year filled with complete sorrow and excitement all wrapped up into one.

We made the decision to take a leap of faith and move to the UK with a job transfer. So we planned, packed, and jumped across the pond. We left behind a house full of precious memories, our beloved pets (quarantinedL), and most importantly, our families. It was just the four of us, and the basic necessities. Adventure, here we come!

It really felt like the right move, as the US economy was starting to head in the wrong direction towards the end of 2008 and the country began to go into a full recession. We were starting fresh; however, did I mention that we left behind a house? Yes, a house with precious memories with an ongoing mortgage attached.

Although we survived financially for about 3yrs, and made a life in the UK of fun, exploring, and travel, we knew that it would soon end. Debt from the USA consumed us, and we had no other choice but to move back or go bankrupt.

We never had any regrets, and moved back to the USA in the fall of 2011. Even though we ended up financially devastated (cashing in retirements, working with every mortgage company we could get our hands on, and living penny to penny), our time spent in the UK was truly a memorable one.

The dilemma: how are we going to visit our UK family and friends? Flights alone for a family of four (4) can range from $4000 – $6000. This could be tricky since our first goal was to pull ourselves out of debt, save the house, and get back on our feet again.

It took some time, but we were able to return in 2013 (BUT only two of us!!) for a 10-day visit. Ok, so now the kids are REALLY MAD. Time for a plan and action! How could we possibly afford a trip with all of us!?

I started to look at other ways to earn extra income. It had to be simple, and it had to be solid. I like direct marketing, but I am not a sales person.. Research time! I wanted to find a program without products that would fit MY ideals, MY schedule (no quotas), MY sense of learning, and MY HIGH standards of integrity.

Not long after, a trusted friend approached me, (as if they were sent, right?) and introduced me to a business plan that was not only simple, but had solid roots (23 years old), a solid income model, solid training, AND provides consistent donations to Feeding America food banks! Win, win, win.

Also, did I mention residual income? Now, the work I do today (on my schedule), I am compensated month after month, year after year. I was just looking to make some extra income, and now I’ve stumbled upon a way to not only take this important trip with the kids, but also solidify our retirement financial needs!

Look out UK friends; we are heading back your way next year!! Yes, ALL FOUR of us!

Does Facebook trigger your memory page? Where would you like to go, or what would you like to do if you had extra income to help you get there? Let me help!  Ready, Set, Go.. Click here: