Budget your life one day at a time. As with many obstacles in life, financial struggles can be overcome one day at a time.

Many of us have gone through trials in life, whether it is a death of a loved one, divorce, substance abuse, etc., we have all been taught to take life ‘one day at a time’. It is such a small, yet powerful phrase. When we wake up each morning, and are focused to take the first step in the right direction, it inevitably sets the motion for that day.

Do you take that first step with thanks or do you take that first step with burden? Do you measure your days based on the timing of your paycheck (I am ok today, because I just got paid!)? Do you continue to struggle in the days before you get paid again? I know… I remember digging for coins to know exactly how much money I can put in the gas tank or to have just enough to buy something from the dollar menu at the local fast food joint for lunch.

Living my life based on the paycheck cycle was stressful and difficult. It was also very difficult to break out of this cycle, but it is possible and we can all do it one day at a time! I started allowing myself to spend one day at a time and it became my allowance. My check at one point in time was $500 per week, and after paying the bills, I would have about $200 left. After grocery shopping and gas for the car, there was not much left! I would spend most of the remaining money at the grocery store with one big shopping trip. What was I thinking? This not only took a lot of the money, but a lot of planning (what food do I need for the whole week?).

Remember, one day at a time! If I made a couple smaller trips to the grocery store throughout the week, I would spend less and only buy what was needed for the next day or two. Smaller trips = smaller expense!

After getting my shopping under control and consistent, I started to look at the bill situation. How can I apply this new concept to my inconsistent bills (those that fluctuate each month)? Who has time to monitor the utilities and usage (especially with kids!)? Except for seasonal changes, our usage does not fluctuate too much, so how can I reduce the overall cost?

I recently learned that energy deregulation is now in effect across much of the USA which will give us a choice AND provide reduced rates on our utility bills. This could not come at a better time with the uncertainty of the future and increasing cost of living. Think about it for a moment… our utility bills are the worst! These are bills that will never be paid off, and until now, we had no control over the rate, and no choice.

This is such a simple WIN WIN and if you hate your utility bills, like I do, take control over your rate. Let me provide you a quote for free.

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If you continue to focus and take your financial situation one day at a time by spending less on a daily basis and signing up to reduce your utility expenses, this will lead to better weekly budgeting as well as provide you more CONTROL over your money.


How to achieve your cash goals and live your passion… Cash goals made simple!

Breaking the news to the kids about going back to the UK was exciting! Now, we need to ensure that we have a solid plan! Searching my photo library and recalling all the pictures and all the memories from our time there, it is still a bit surreal. Were we really over there for 3 years? What an amazing experience!

Making sure that the kids spend time with their old friends must be on the agenda. Since the school system is year-round, we will need to travel over during one of their breaks. This will need to be either in August or in October. The issue for the time frame is the cost. When the schools have their scheduled breaks, the cost of airfare and other traveling expenses are highly inflated. We need to determine our cash goals.

We also want to incorporate FUN into the agenda, and maybe visit some sights that we missed from living there, or revisit those places we loved the most. We loved to travel to Wales. What an amazing Country, and quaint little towns that are stuck in historical days. One of our favorite places was Conwy. The town is STILL surrounded by castle walls, and it is located on the coast of the Irish Sea. You can sit and literally watch the tide come in, pick up the boats that are sitting in the sand, and then watch it leave again! All while having a pint from the Liverpool Arms.

As way of life, or maybe it was cost driven, but driving and exploring the countryside of the UK was not a popular thing to do (when you are local). Whenever we took off over the weekends to explore, I would tell my co-workers that following Monday. Most of them looked at me like I was crazy, saying, “..you drove where? and you drove there AND back in one day? Oh yea, she is American”.

This will be a costly trip for all of us, but with this flow of extra income, our cash goals are achievable. This combined with the motivation to continue to push forward, I am confident that we can do this over and over again! With residual income and the new compensation plan recently released with additional bonuses, I am truly thankful.

Residual income was never taught in schools, and I continue to wonder why this concept is not more widely known! It is hard work, but well worth the payoff!

If you are looking to achieve your cash goals, and follow your passion, then let me show you how!.

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Can Facebook memories ignite your passion for extra income? How Facebook feeds my extra income passion!

Facebook has this cool feature that remembers and stores the photos that you’ve posted over the years, and every now and then a memory will pop up, and takes you back. How ingenious! I had one of these memory photos pop up the other day and it was from 2009. Wow, I remember like it was yesterday (yes, sounding OLD). The kids were all dressed up in their new uniforms on their first day of primary school in a completely foreign country. That year was a year filled with complete sorrow and excitement all wrapped up into one.

We made the decision to take a leap of faith and move to the UK with a job transfer. So we planned, packed, and jumped across the pond. We left behind a house full of precious memories, our beloved pets (quarantinedL), and most importantly, our families. It was just the four of us, and the basic necessities. Adventure, here we come!

It really felt like the right move, as the US economy was starting to head in the wrong direction towards the end of 2008 and the country began to go into a full recession. We were starting fresh; however, did I mention that we left behind a house? Yes, a house with precious memories with an ongoing mortgage attached.

Although we survived financially for about 3yrs, and made a life in the UK of fun, exploring, and travel, we knew that it would soon end. Debt from the USA consumed us, and we had no other choice but to move back or go bankrupt.

We never had any regrets, and moved back to the USA in the fall of 2011. Even though we ended up financially devastated (cashing in retirements, working with every mortgage company we could get our hands on, and living penny to penny), our time spent in the UK was truly a memorable one.

The dilemma: how are we going to visit our UK family and friends? Flights alone for a family of four (4) can range from $4000 – $6000. This could be tricky since our first goal was to pull ourselves out of debt, save the house, and get back on our feet again.

It took some time, but we were able to return in 2013 (BUT only two of us!!) for a 10-day visit. Ok, so now the kids are REALLY MAD. Time for a plan and action! How could we possibly afford a trip with all of us!?

I started to look at other ways to earn extra income. It had to be simple, and it had to be solid. I like direct marketing, but I am not a sales person.. Research time! I wanted to find a program without products that would fit MY ideals, MY schedule (no quotas), MY sense of learning, and MY HIGH standards of integrity.

Not long after, a trusted friend approached me, (as if they were sent, right?) and introduced me to a business plan that was not only simple, but had solid roots (23 years old), a solid income model, solid training, AND provides consistent donations to Feeding America food banks! Win, win, win.

Also, did I mention residual income? Now, the work I do today (on my schedule), I am compensated month after month, year after year. I was just looking to make some extra income, and now I’ve stumbled upon a way to not only take this important trip with the kids, but also solidify our retirement financial needs!

Look out UK friends; we are heading back your way next year!! Yes, ALL FOUR of us!

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Ever hear the song “It could buy me a boat”? Learn 2 unique ways to earn enough that you will start singing, “It could buy me a boat. It could buy me a truck to pull it!”

You see, there is a slight problem with today’s society that virtually prohibits making enough money to buy these luxury items. And yes, even according to the song, money does not buy happiness, but it can help us achieve freedom. So, what are you passionate about and what would you do if you earned enough money to resign from your day to day job? Is it to have more time with your family, or to give back to the community, volunteer more, or to buy yourself a boat AND a truck to pull it?

Let’s quickly review income streams. Most of us earn a linear income, which means that we work this week, and get paid on Friday; we work the next week, and get paid on Friday (you see the trend). This cycle continues week after week, month after month, and consumes both our time and energy. What if a simplistic program existed where all the hard work you do today would allow you to take back your time AND provide an income stream well into the future? This type of residual income is the key to stability and financial freedom.

What is this simplistic program?

First, before we get into the program, it is important that I fill you in on some recent changes that are occurring across the US. We all know that there are government regulation changes that we cannot control nor receive any benefit. However, the time has come and changes are being made, where WE can finally take advantage (financially). Energy deregulation is occurring NOW and is slowly being rolled out across the country.

This program is simple: taking advantage of these changes in society!

Here is a summary of how this all works:

  • How to EARN?
    • Energy deregulation is now changing the face of standard utility choices and also creating competition in the marketplace.
    • Your role = PROMOTE. In many cases offering up to 35% savings on the services people use every day!
      • Example: I reduced my Mothers cell phone bill by 40%, and not only do I earn every time she pays her bill, but a donation is made to help feed hungry children across the USA. WIN WIN WIN.
      • Let me show you how to earn unlimited income here!
      • Think about it… these are bills that we will NEVER pay off! So, what does this mean for us?.. Residual income! …and “..It could buy me a boat..”!
    • Many services are now offered providing options. Including: home phone, cell phone, gas, electric, TV, internet, and home security services.
  • How to EARN back?
    • Simply, sign up and promote!
    • Earn virtually FREE Cell phone, gas, and electric (where available).
      • Amazing benefit, and for most of us the savings are in the thousands!
    • Your Role – PROMOTE!

This is ground-breaking and with incredible financial growth potential!

If you knew 20yrs ago how big Apple Inc. would be; would you have purchased stock? This is just as big – and as Warren Buffett predicts will “…lead to the greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetime.”

And then ask yourself what you would do with money like Warren Buffett? Like the song says, “It could buy me a boat. It could buy me a truck to pull it!”

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*“Buy me a boat.” By Chris Janson

How to reduce cell phone and utility bills! Discover 2 unique and simple ways to reduce cell phone and utility bills, for good!

How much do you pay for your cell phone? $100, $200, or more? How much do you pay for your electric and gas each month? $150, $200, or more? If you add up all these reoccurring expenses on an annual basis, the amount is normally in the thousands and is quite shocking. It is also discouraging because these are bills that will never be paid off!

What if you could reduce your cell phone bill so much that you only owe the taxes each month? How much would you save? Take a moment and add it up, is it over $1,000 per year? $2,000 per year? Or more?

What if you could also reduce your utility bills with the same program? By virtually eliminating both gas and electric bills monthly, it would feel as if you actually paid off this reoccurring bill!

This groundbreaking system is new and is NOW available for you to take advantage! I am so excited to spread the word to all my friends, family, and now to YOU. Here is a brief overview of how this all works:

    • Throughout most of the USA, energy deregulation is now changing the face of standard utility choices and also creating competition in the marketplace. This could not come at a better time with the uncertainty of the economic future.
      • Although many companies are now forming, there is one SOLID company that has been around since the telephone deregulation, which occurred in the early 1990’s.
      • Working with a company that has this solid history, and an A+ rating with the BBB provides a SOLID foundation for longevity and stability into the future. In simple words, this company will be around for many, many years to come.
      • Many services are now offered providing customers options. Their services include not only home phone, but cell phone, gas, electric, TV, internet, and home security services.
  • How will this reduce your cell phone bill?
    • Simply, promote the reduced savings program! For example, I was able to transfer my Mother from Verizon with a bill of $105 / month to only $59 / month with the exact same coverage area and an improved data plan. (Saving over $500/year!!)
    • When she refers 5 of her friends who also want to save, her cell phone is FREE. Again, SIMPLE way to reduce your cell phone bill down to almost nothing!
  • How will this reduce utility bills?
    • Simply, sign up and promote! Because the cell phone program was solid, I signed up as an independent business owner (IBO). Now, I can help others! For example, I was able to transfer my friends’ electric bill from a pre-assigned provider, saving her over $400/year.
    • Promote and spread the word to just 10 family/friends, and your electric is virtually FREE. Imagine your savings here with BOTH gas and electric!

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