Let’s face it, bills suck and you need extra cash! How a simple system can put extra cash back in your pocket!

It seems like a roller coaster, we all want to spend less and earn more, and repeat this over and over. Sound familiar? This concept and common sense statement always looks good on paper, but HOW can you really achieve your goals? What happens when the bills begin to mount and saving money is just a dream while we try to make ends meet? We then fall into the trap of living pay check to pay check. Can you relate?

Let’s break this down realistically:

    • How to spend less –
      1. Write down all your expenses for a month in a column.
        • Include rent/house payment, utilities, credit card bills, and other reoccurring bills.
        • In a column next to the expense, write down the date of when these bills are due.
        • The first step is to understand ALL that you owe by writing it down.
      2. Many of these bills have a fixed amount due each month. This is great for planning and consistency.
      3. Most of us are paid twice/month. Using your new spreadsheet, divide all your expenses in half.
      4. The key is to set aside this amount each pay period, so the bill payments will be in smaller chunks and more manageable!
      5. Now let’s review: Instead of $1600, a smaller $800 twice / month is an easier number to manage.Table1
      6. NEXT, utility bills are probably the most inconsistent bills we have. Many can choose to budget these expenses, however, there is still a risk that you will receive an adjusted bill if the budget is exceeded.
        • How can we manage these inconsistent utility bills? We now have some CONTROL over the rates with energy deregulation (now available across much of the US!), however with the change of seasons, we still have those different usage amounts each month.
        • I’ve found this ground-breaking system that can virtually eliminate your utility bills. I recommend that you take advantage of this new system to control, manage and virtually eliminate your monthly expenses for utilities. Regardless of the season, this can put extra cash back in your pocket! 
    • How to earn EXTRA CASH –
      1. Once you reduce your utility bills, the next step is GETTING PAID on them.
      2. You can EARN up to 10% back on your own bills.
      3. In addition, this simple system can provide amazing tax breaks!

After many years of living pay check to pay check, managing expenses in smaller amounts really work well and will help at the end of each month. This, combined with the utility system has really allowed me to save. From your expenses above, simply add up how much you spend on electric, gas, cell phone, TV, internet, etc. over a full year. Now, imagine your gas, electric, and cell phone service virtually ELIMINATED. The amount you can save over a year could be in the thousands!

Next, getting PAID on your usage is just another way this system is unbelievable. Lastly, spread the word and help friends and family save!

This truly unique system can provide you extra cash month after month, and year after year, and there is unlimited earning potential. Even though this 22 year old company is supported with an A+ rating with the BBB, the information is by invitation only. Find out today if you qualify! Request your FREE information NOW to learn how this system can change your life, and help you earn extra cash. Let me show you NOW before you pay another utility bill!


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