Hello world!

Our lives are one big story, and although I have not actually put mine in writing, I can say it is built on faith, family and friendship. I grew up in the Midwest with blue collar roots. My story includes a lot of love and hugs, but also includes violence and alcoholism.  A combination of good times and bad has shaped and formed me into the strong person I am today.

I’ve also held on to faith. Although I was introduced to Christianity later on in life, I always felt I was never alone, and is now my cornerstone. I also learned to surround myself with good friends and family!

With the changes in government, healthcare, economy, etc., it is important that we work together to help one another succeed.  I started this blog to open the doors for anyone wishing to join me on this journey and I will do my best to help you achieve your goals!

Happy blogging!


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